Friday, 27 March 2009

Ouzel to Ouzel

Last time I wrote about the massacre at Ouzel Thorn Farm, Tarnbrook, this time something very much alive. For a few weeks now, I have been trying to obtain some decent images of the Dipper or Water Ouzel as it is locally known. I had scoured the Brock Valley, searched along the Hodder at Slaidburn, and generally been on the lookout when passing likely looking spots on my travels. I had seen Dipper at Scorton on the river Wyre but was unable to get close enough before the bird departed. However this week I tried a different strategy approaching the favoured area from the opposite bank of the Wyre. It worked a treat and I soon spotted the bold white chest of a dipper.It was feeding well about 30yds away and was unconcerned by my prescence. I was concealed by bankside trees and was able to obtain a good number of shots before the bird departed. It was also a good spot as the afternoon sun was highlighting the dipper and I was  sheltered from the very brisk and cool westerly wind. Two of my better efforts are shown above and I look forward to a return visit when the current very unsettled weather calms down.

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  1. Hi Dude,

    Dippers are small, stout, short-tailed, short-winged and strong-legged birds. These birds are found in suitable freshwater habitats in the highlands of the Americas, Europe and Asia. They have nasal flaps to prevent water entering their nostrils. Their blood has a high haemoglobin concentration, allowing a greater capacity to store oxygen than terrestrial birds and allowing them to remain underwater for up to at least 30 seconds. Thanks a lot.....

    Birth Of a Manta Ray