Saturday, 28 January 2017

Black...White...and Red

The weather this last week has again been dull and depressing most of the time.However on the Wednesday blue skies appeared but it was icy cold.I decided on a much needed afternoon out and about with the camera.I had seen images of a black redstart on the internet at St Walburgas Church in Preston and this was to be my first port of call.The redstart was still there but had just departed as I arrived.Susan and Peter and David and Jackie were already there,all well known local photographers.They had seen the bird and I was reassured it would be back.Sure enough it did return after 30mins and flitted around the church buildings very quickly.I did manage a few hastily grabbed shots and awaited it's return.I stayed for an hour or so and was eventually rewarded with nice views of this lively little bird as it did it's rounds of the church buildings.Other birders turned up and we all enjoyed the black redstart in the afternoon sun.

I then thought I would visit Lytham Moss where a barn owl had been showing well.On my arrival around 3.30pm it was indeed quartering the rough ground adjoining the Radar Station.It never came close enough for good shots but I did manage some shots as the sun began to set.I then thought I would have a look at Granny's Bay at Lytham to photograph the setting sun.My timing was spot on as the sun went down and the sky turned red over the Irish Sea.All in all a rewarding afternoon.Hope you enjoy my shots of the Black Redstart..White Owl..and Red Sunset.Thanks for looking in and I will be back soon as hopefully the weather improves as Spring approaches.


Saturday, 21 January 2017

Filling A Gap

Since the New Year arrived we have been stuck with some very depressing weather.It has been very dull with some light rain and it never seemed to come light.I have also been feeling a bit under the weather and consequently I have not been out and about  with the camera.So to keep the blog going and to fill the gap in postings I have decided to post a few of my favourite shots from 2016.

As always possibly my favourite bird,the great crested grebe features with fishing,portrait and display images.Owl shots show a short eared owl at Lytham Moss and a barn owl from the Pilling area.Waders feature a nice flight shot of four bar tailed godwits and a splendid sanderling from Rossall in full summer plumage.Whooper swans from Martin Mere are shown in portrait and preening mode.Little egrets from Leighton Moss are shown in fishing mode.Finally I was lucky to obtain some very nice images of the two fledged juvenile ospreys V6 andV7 at Esthwaite Water.The osprey images were taken from a rowing boat hired for the afternoon.

Hope you enjoy this gap filler and I hope to return to normal service very soon.Thanks for looking in

Friday, 6 January 2017

Waxwing Fest...Barrow.Lancs.

The New Year began as 2016 had finished with yet more waxwings.Around one hundred birds had arrived at the berry laden trees lining the main street of Barrow village near Whalley.I made a couple of trips to obtain yet more waxwing images for the portfolio.The first visit was a bit dull and cloudy but the waxwings performed well.There were only a handful of photographers there and it was nice to see Simon who I had not seen for over twelve months.

My second visit was on the Bank Holiday Monday 2nd January.After a frosty start it was to become a sparkling winter's day with prolonged sunshine.When I arrived I was amazed by the number of photographers already there.The long lenses were in evidence all along Trafalgar Gardens overlooking the berry laden trees.Many top notch photographers were there to take advantage of the wonderful weather.There were still plenty of waxwings  but I didn't think quite as many as previously.

What a wonderful time we all had chatting and exchanging information on this super day.I am fairly certain that everyone went away very happy with memory cards full of images.As I write my blog the waxwings have moved on and good numbers are now in the centre of Blackburn.I am however very satisfied with the images I obtained.As well as the waxwings, visits from starlings,mistle thrush and redwing added to the variety.I think I am now over this severe case of waxwingitis and can rest easy having obtained lots of images of these very special visitors from Scandanavia.Hope you enjoy my selection from the thousands of images I took and I will return soon with more from Lancs.