Friday, 13 March 2009

Hares and High Tide

Managed to get out with the camera a couple of times this week. It was a much better week weatherwise than recently and Spring did finally seem to be hear. Birds were singing, daffodills were blooming,as nature responded to the warmth of the sun. I visited locations in the Garstang, Pilling and Cockerham area and had excellent sightings of Dipper and Grey Wagtail on the River Wyre where I will return soon to obtain some better images  in due course. The highlight of the afternoon was the  sighting of a brown hare close to the road in the Cockerham area. I managed some decent images before it bounded away having been frightened by a passing tractor.
Midweek coincided with some very high tides, some of the biggest of the year at 10metres+. I decided to visit the coast at Marshside, Southport hoping to see the waders roosting at the end of the sand road as I had on previous visits. But on this visit it wasn't to be and things were quiet until that is about an hour after the tide had peaked the waders started flying along the edge of the marsh returning to their feeding grounds out on the Southport beaches. I enjoyed myself for the next hour or so as the small parties of waders flew past at a rate of knots!! There were  indeed a few knots and sanderling but the highlight were good numbers of grey plovers. I obtained some  flight shots of these fast flying waders and was very well pleased with the result.

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