Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Lockdown..Covid-19..Easing of Restrictions...The Birds and the Bees

Recently the restrictions on movement have been eased.One can now go out for exercise for longer and travel for an unlimited distance.I have taken advantage of this and have made a couple of visits to locations not too far from home for exercise armed of course with my camera.Before heading out I spent time in the garden on a warm and sunny morning photographing the bees that were visiting the welsh poppies in my garden looking for nectar.This was quite successful and you can see the results below.

I then visited a local nature reserve and the Tern Colony at Preston Docks.The common terns had only recently arrived and were few in number but those present were getting on with mating as can be seen in the images below.At the nature reserve I managed some nice shots of a great tit busy eating tiny insects from the vegetation.The highlight however of recent outings was a visit to the Lancaster Canal where it was nice to see numbers of ducklings and cygnets escorted by their parents enjoying exploring the bankside vegetation. The young swans were a particular delight hitching a ride on mum's back.

It is also that time of the year when I like to get up very early and visit Bowland looking for the wildlife around before most people are out and about.I hope to post images from my early morning safaris in due course.Meantime thanks for looking in and stay safe and well.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Lockdown..Covid -19..Bike Ride

The UK is still in the grip of the deadly Coronavirus.Seven weeks of lockdown have helped in passing the peak of the outbreak but we are still in a severe situation losing hundreds of lives daily.I decided to get my bike out again for my daily permitted exercise and enjoyed a hilly but pleasant ride in the warm sun around the back lanes of Samlesbury and Hoghton.It was hard work at times and I think I did a couple of miles pushing the bike up steep sections of the country lanes.

However I was always on the lookout for wildlife as I rode along and after pausing to photograph bluebells in a woodland I spotted a pair of roe deer just about within range of the camera lens.I managed a number of images before the deer moved off and you can see the results below.A brown hare appeared nearby and again I grabbed some images before it departed.There were also butterflies enjoying the sunshine and I found an obliging green veined white nectaring on roadside forget me nots.

It had been an interesting ride of around 15 miles and I returned home very tired but very well pleased with my efforts with the camera.We might be able to get out more following the Prime Minister's address to the nation this evening as we ease our way out of lockdown.Thanks for looking in and stay well and safe.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Lockdown...Exercise Regime

As I write the UK is possibly reaching the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic.Many thousands of lives have been lost and the economy of the country is at a virtual standstill.Hopefully in a few weeks time life may start to return to some sort of normality as infections and deaths are dramatically reduced.

Movement is very restricted with only daily exercise or shopping for food being allowed.All physical contact is out with us all having to observe strict two metre distancing to limit the spread of the virus.Fortunately on a personal note I can go out on the bike locally for exercise rides.I had not been on my bike for a few years due to mobility problems but recently the bike has come out of mothballs and I have enjoyed some pleasant rides around the local area.

I was able to take my camera to record Spring happening helped by the prolonged dry and very sunny weather.It was pleasant travelling some of the quiet local lanes and the Preston Guild Wheel,a very popular cycleway around the City of Preston.I have shown a few images from the rides below.The highlight has been the presence of an Osprey which has been using the M6 Motorway bridge over the River Ribble as a lookout for fish in the river below.It made the local news and it is hoped it stays to breed at the nearby Brockholes Nature Reserve.

As well as the osprey it was nice to see good numbers of orange tip butterflies enjoying the warm Spring sunshine.Also present on the river were a number of goosanders,swans and herons.It is a very worrying time for everybody particularly the Health Workers in the front line of this disease.Let's hope and pray for a return to normality as soon as is possible.Meanwhile thanks for looking in and stay safe.

Saturday, 11 April 2020

Staying at Home

This is the instruction for everyone to stay at home during the outbreak of Coronavirus.The virus is sweeping the world and taking a heavy toll of human life.Yesterday in the UK almost one thousand people lost their lives to the killer virus.We all have to do our bit to curb the spread of the virus by staying at home and only going out for essential food supplies and medicines.

For the last two weeks or so I have kept busy in the garden.My back garden (Jungle ) has been neglected for a few years as I have not been fit enough following hip surgery to do the work.This staying at home has been a good thing for me as I am now up to physical work and the wonderful warm and sunny weather has helped.I am showing below some images of me and my wonderful assistant " Mitch " grafting in my back garden.Mitch loves me being around through the day and even climbs ladders to help as you will see below.

The good weather continues as I write this on Easter Saturday and most people are obeying the instructions to stay at home to control the spread of this dreadful coronavirus.I am unable to get out and capture the arrival of Spring with the camera and will have to be very patient before things hopefully return to some kind of normality.Thanks for looking in and above all stay at home,stay safe, and think about all the nurses,doctors and carers working on the front line and fighting the virus.