Saturday, 30 June 2018

Bowland..Early Doors

At this time of the year with plenty of daylight I like to make early morning excursions into Bowland.Bowland's lanes and backroads are very quiet and especially so early on a summers morning.I left home around 4am and before I had reached Longridge I came across two roe deer feeding close to the road.I managed a few shots but my view was obscured I was however pleased with the image of the roebuck in the flowerey meadow. I carried on my usual route over Longridge Fell and into some of the back lanes of Bowland.

Brown hares were very much in evidence and I managed some nice portraits from the comfort of the car.A great surprise was to come across a hunting barn owl and I did  manage a couple of record shots before it vanished.On into Bowland for more encounters with brown hares and the usual waders posing in the fields and on roadside walls.One oystercatcher was posing on top of the well known phone bow at Dinckling Green.A goldfinch was also very colourful posing at the side of the road.

Hope you enjoy some of my Bowland images from an early morning ride into this lovely part of Lancashire.You can be assured I will return soon as the current very hot weather is not good for wildlife or photography during the heat of the day.Thanks for looking in and I may post again before I have to go into hospital.

Marshside.. Avocets and Godwits

It has been some time since I last posted.I have some images from previous trips pending and as I will be going into hospital soon I thought I would try to bring the blog up to date.In the middle of May I visited RSPB Marshside to find recently hatched avocet chicks showing very well in front of Sandgrounders hide.The chicks were actively feeding carefully watched over by mum and dad.

At the other end of the reserve it was still quite wet and this is where the black tailed godwits were assembled and again gave nice opportunities for the camera.Some were showing their lovely breeding colours and looked fine in the afternoon sun.On the way I had a fleeting view of one of the two glossy ibis present and managed a quick record shot.

Before arriving at Marshside I called to see the well known little owl at Banks and for once it was showing well as it enjoyed the morning sunshine.Hope you enjoy the selection and I will post again soon. Thanks for looking in.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Dozens of Dunlins

A couple of weeks ago I visited one of my favourite locations.Rossall Point has easy access and is a favoured roosting site for waders.There were good numbers of dunlin present and most of them were wearing their summer finery.They will have now probably departed for their Arctic breeding grounds with the current warm and settled weather conditions.

On one of my visits they were constantly disturbed by a party of schoolchildren doing a fieldwork exercise on measuring the groynes !! I returned another day to find the birds nicely settled and photographic conditions were excellent.Hope you enjoy my selection and tune in again for more from my travels