Sunday, 6 October 2019

Leighton Moss...Waders

Around this time of the year I like to visit Leighton Moss RSPB reserve.I have found that it can be good to observe passage waders which are on their way south and call in to refuel for the long journeys ahead.One wader I particularly like to see is the greenshank.This beautifully elegant wader is usually present and so it proved on my recent visit.It was a lovely sunny and warm day and there was plenty of mud at the Morecambe and Allen hides to attract the waders.

It was indeed a super afternoon and the camera was kept busy photographing the birds present.I have shown below a selection from the day and as well as greenshank which heads the post are images of curlew sandpiper,redshank and lapwing.Also shown are little egret with a small fish and a number of images of snipe which were having a wonderful time as they probed the rich mud for food.Since this visit the weather has been very disturbed with plenty of rain.I have however managed an outing to Southport and I managed some nice images of the wader roost on another rare sunny day.This will probably be my next posting. So thanks for looking in and stay tuned for more later this month.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Wheatears and a Cuckoo

Recently just up the road at Pilling an uncommon wheatear was discovered by a local birder. It was showing very well along the sea wall at Fluke Hall.It was showing daily and was observed by many birders from far and near.It was thought to be either a pied or eastern black eared wheatear the latter being an extremely rare bird and hence much attention from the twitcher brigade.I am not a twitcher but as it was so close I was persuaded by Mike to go and have a look.

My first visit coincided with some gale force winds and it was difficult to stand up on the sea wall.The bird didn't show whilst we were there but I did manage some images of a juvenile cuckoo sheltering in a nearby hedge.Days later the bird was still showing well and Mike and I called in on our way to Leighton Moss.It was a lovely sunny and calm day and the wheatear posed for the assembled birders and photographers.

I have shown below some images from the visit.The first image is of a Northern Wheatear,three or four of which were present.Seven images of the rare wheatear follow and the last three images are again of northern wheatears.Also shown the juvenile cuckoo,the gathering of local birders,ferries passing Black Combe in the Lake District and a smart green veined white butterfly.Mike and I went on to Leighton Moss where we enjoyed more excellent views of birds from the Eric Morecambe hide.These will be the subject of a later post.The rare wheatear has now departed and is being claimed as an eastern black eared wheatear although I understand this will require much scrutiny before it can be accepted.Thanks for looking in and enjoy the continuing warm and sunny weather.

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Red and Purple

Red and Purple,two lovely strong colours.This was what I was looking for on a recent trip to North Yorkshire.It was early August and the heather had blossomed into that lovely purple colour which colours the high moorlands at this time of the year.It is also the beginning of the red grouse shooting season.I was off to the moors to shoot grouse armed only with a camera and definitely not a gun.

It was a lovely sunny and warm late Summer day although up on the tops it was cooler with a strong breeze blowing.At first the grouse were difficult to find and were keeping their heads down.Eventually after driving around a bit I found a track which ironically led to a grouse shooters hut situated on a sheltered part of the moor.It was very pleasant with lovely views down to the village of Reeth in Swaledale down in the valley. I managed to get lots of nice images along this section of moorland and the results are shown below.

The weather has since become more Autumnal with more rain and strong winds and temperatures have thankfully dropped from the high record breaking figures of this Summer.I hope you enjoy my efforts and images from this beautiful part of Northern England.Thanks for looking in and I will be back soon with more from my travels.