Saturday, 2 June 2018

Dozens of Dunlins

A couple of weeks ago I visited one of my favourite locations.Rossall Point has easy access and is a favoured roosting site for waders.There were good numbers of dunlin present and most of them were wearing their summer finery.They will have now probably departed for their Arctic breeding grounds with the current warm and settled weather conditions.

On one of my visits they were constantly disturbed by a party of schoolchildren doing a fieldwork exercise on measuring the groynes !! I returned another day to find the birds nicely settled and photographic conditions were excellent.Hope you enjoy my selection and tune in again for more from my travels



Sunday, 13 May 2018

Black Necked Grebe....Kincraig Lake

A week or so ago it was a nice surprise to discover that a black necked grebe in breeding plumage had appeared on a lake at Bispham Blackpool.This is a very uncommon bird in Lancashire and nationally only a few pairs breed in Britain.In breeding plumage it is a stunning looking bird and I was anxious to add some images to my portfolio.

I went with Mike and it was not easy to find Kincraig Lake but we did eventually, tucked away in the middle of a large housing estate in Bispham.It was only a short walk to the viewing area and this pleased me as I was still having troublesome mobility problems.It was a while before the grebe came out of hiding to show itself to the waiting photographers.It was well worth the wait as we saw it in its breeding finery with wonderful golden ear tufts and a hypnotic fabulous red and yellow eye. I obviously filled my boots with images of this splendid bird and vowed to return later in the week.

Fortunately the grebe was still showing well and giving excellent views to it's admirers.Mike and I did return and met up with Graham and Dave and Jackie Moreton.Once more I got my share of wonderful images and it was an encounter that will live long in the memory.As I write this on Sunday I understand the grebe has departed. Hopefully it may return one day to once more delight those fortunate to see this gorgeous bird.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Return to Bowland

At long last the weather had warmed up and Spring was well and truly on the way in fact for a few days it was more like Summer with temperatures soaring into the seventies!! Nature responded and migrants started arriving and spring flowers were blooming.I decided therefore to visit Bowland where I hadn't been for some time to see if the birds that favour this beautiful part of Lancashire had returned to their breeding haunts on the high moors.

It was very nice to revisit some of my favourite parts of Bowland and good to see that the waders and grouse that breed up there had returned.Numbers were on the low side and I travelled many miles to capture some images for the blog.Lapwings did seem to be in good numbers and I enjoyed myself photographing at close range a male bird which was using a roadside rainwater pool to bathe and drink.A pair of oystercatchers posed obligingly on the roadside walls overlooking their moorland breeding location.Grouse were not easy to find but perseverance paid off with a nice male posing for me in the afternoon sun.Curlews were a bit scarce and I only managed to get close enough to one bird for photographs as I returned home through Calder Vale.

Nice to get back to Bowland again and I hope to do a few early morning visits in due course.Hope you enjoy my selection from Bowland and I am looking forward to see more birds in the coming weeks.It has actually turned colder again as I write this blog and this will hold up the breeding process yet again..