Monday, 6 April 2009

Dippering Again

This last week I have been visiting local rivers in my search for  more dippers. It has been an interesting week and good weather has prevailed and Spring does now seem to have finally arrived. I did manage to find a spot where dippers are nesting and spent many hours observing the comings and goings at the nest site. The parents returned at regular intervals with food from the river. This consisted mostly of caddis grubs but from time to time they would return with small fish and sometimes the takeaway meal would be a mixture of fish and grub. Mostly they would fly away from the nest site to find food but sometimes I saw them obtain grubs from the river bed within yards of the nest.
As well as dippers, grey wagtails were seen frequently, beautiful, graceful and colourful birds, a delight to watch. I was also very lucky to come across a superb male kingfisher on lookout on his riverside perch. I have attached images of the birds and a view of a typical river that they inhabit.

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  1. Hi Dude,

    Dippers are unique among passerines for their ability to dive and swim underwater. They are small, stout, short-tailed, short-winged and strong-legged birds. Their short wings give them a distinctive whirring flight. Thanks for sharing it!

    Wildlife Photographer