Saturday, 14 March 2009

Friday the Thirteenth - Waxwings and Barn Owl

Last month the thirteenth fell on a Friday and here we were again with yet another one!! Could this one be as good as last month's. It began very well indeed when I discovered that 120 waxwings were about half a mile from where I live in Ribbleton. So after lunch I went up the road to Gamull Lane where they had been found.They were not around but did return later and perched in trees adjoining this very busy road junction. They tried a couple of times to feed on two cotoneaster trees but were very very skittish and departed again. They were refound but again constant disturbance from motorbikes, ice cream vans etc moved them on again. I didn't get any decent shots but it was still nice to see such a large flock so close to home.
Things were however to get much better. I had recieved information as to the whereabouts of a barn owl not too far away and was anxious to see if it was still around. So around 5pm I was at the new location. The barn owl was indeed there and was perching frequently on roadside fence posts as it hunted the adjoining fields. I stayed just long enough to grab some images and after 20 mins or so I left for home as I didn't want to disturb the owl too much. The pictures were taken without leaving the car and I was able to approach within about 40yds or so. I will be returning to this location soon and hope this super bird is still about.

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