Friday, 6 January 2012

First Post...Happy New Year

First of all I would like to wish all my followers and readers a Very Happy New Year.The year maybe new but the weather is certainly not !! It continues in a very disturbed mood with only the very briefest of brighter spells. It has continued to pour down with rain and more violent winds have lashed the country with Scotland bearing the brunt of the very stormy weather.

As I write after a promising start it is once more very dull with persistent drizzle but thankfully the damaging winds have eased. I have for the most part been confined to barracks and have been frustrated, not able to get out with the camera.However a couple of days ago the superb male sparrowhawk above visited my back garden and I was able to hastily grab some images before it departed. It was still raining and very dull and the settings on the camera were not quite right but I was reasonably pleased with the results.

I have shown above the better efforts as the bird posed obligingly on a garden post. It did of course come looking for a meal but this time left without catching any prey as all the sparrows etc had rapidly disappeared when the sparrowhawk appeared. Hope you enjoy looking at the images of this handsome bird and I hope normal service will be resumed as soon as possible when the weather finally settles down.


  1. gorgeous and intense-looking bird! love the 'blow his skirt up' photo! :)

  2. Brilliant images of the male Sparrowhawk Brian,and a great start to the new year,now it's keeping the momentum going.

  3. Hi Brian
    Smashing images of a cracking bird. Fingers crossed conditions will deteriorate (i.e cold, frost/snow but clear blue skies) or improves to clear blue skies but as you say very frustrating at the moment never known it SO poor, can normally find something to photo. Anyway, best wishes for 2012 and no doubt we'll be crossing lenses.

  4. PS
    Be interested in any update on the 'hunting with falcons' ...

  5. Hi Brian, happy new year to you too. Smashing Sparrowhawk shots, really showing great detail of the handsome bird. You took your opportunity very well indeed.