Saturday, 26 March 2016

Displaying and Mating Grebes

As mentioned in my previous post I am now posting more grebe images taken during this week.It was a privilege to spend time with the great crested grebes as they performed their exciting and elaborate courting and mating rituals.They never came really close at this time but were still at a reasonable range for the camera to record the action.Only on one of the days did they mate at the nest site but did so three times whilst I was present.I understand from staff at the nature reserve and from other people that have observed this pair of grebes over the years that they have never raised a family.There would therefore appear to be some sort of infertility problem.However they keep trying and maybe one year they may be successful.

Shown below are some of my better efforts from the week.I will no doubt be returning to the nature reserve in due course and may get lucky with images of the weed dance.I have witnessed it in previous years but it would be very nice to see it again. Thanks for looking in and enjoy the rest of the Easter break.


  1. Probably the best ever images seen of the GCG and the mating game....Excellent Brian.

  2. Fantastic again Brian,you have certainly captured the moment with the grebes!