Saturday, 2 April 2016

Return To Bowland

This last week has seen me returning to Bowland. I hadn't visited this lovely part of Lancashire for some time. I was anxious to see if the waders that breed up in the hills had returned to their breeding grounds.I did see some curlews,lapwings and oystercatchers on territory and it was lovely to hear again the cry of the curlew.Not a lot of birds were present but there is time yet for them to return especially as warmer weather is expected soon.Red Grouse also appeared thin on the ground but there were enough birds present for me to get some nice images from the car as I travelled Bowland's quiet byways. The highlight however was a kestrel which was hovering very close to the road as I drove over Longridge Fell.

The scenery as always was magnificent but was made more so by some dramatic cloudscapes.The clouds were building up over the higher mountains of Ingleborough and the Lake District.Some wintry showers had left some fresh snow over the highest land but it was the cloud formations that caught the eye.I took many images of the landscape and have shown a few which hopefully convey the wonderful clouds that were present on this drive through Bowland.Thanks for looking in and I will post again next week with more from my travels.


  1. Ah seems like all the usual suspects have returned to bowland Brian,with plenty more to follow.
    Give it another couple of weeks, combined with some good weather, and everything will be back.
    Looking forward to a few visits shortly!!!

  2. Sings of spring at last Brian,lovely images especially the cloudscapes.Catch up with you soon.

  3. i would have followed those clouds all day, gorgeous clouds, landscapes and photography!
    love all your wonderful bird portraits too.

  4. lovely set of images Brian, I need to get back to Bowland, so long now