Friday, 25 March 2016

Fishing Grebes

This last week or so I have made a number of visits to a local nature reserve to observe and photograph great crested grebes.This is one of my favourite times of the year when great crested grebes perform their elaborate and exciting courtship and mating displays. I was fairly successful and obtained many useable images.

In between the courtship displays the grebes were busy patrolling the lake to catch fish.In this post I have shown the grebes with some of the roach they caught,some of which were caught close to the hide.None of the fish were very large and the grebes managed to swallow them down without too much trouble .I still had to be quick however with the camera to catch the action.I have shown below some of my better efforts.

I did of course manage some images of the courtship and mating displays and these will be the subject of my next posting.The grebes didn't perform the famous weed dance whilst I was present but you can be sure I will return to try and capture this exciting event.Thanks for looking in and return soon for more from the spectacular great crested grebes.


  1. Excellent set Brain. It never fails to amaze what these diving birds can actually swallow. I recently watched Cormorant down a huge fish off the Stone Jetty at Morecambe, a fisherman later told me it was a Pollock.

  2. Great captures Brian,I don,t know about the fish being not that big,but If I had caught a netful of these,i would have been well happy!

    Looking forward to the next post of the Grebes!

  3. These fish don`t look that small to me Brian,sounds like the Grebes are getting ready to perform.

  4. great stuff Brian, there will be a lot of anglers cringeing watching nice plump Roach being taken, but fair play to the Grebe, quite a mouth full !