Monday, 29 February 2016

Owls and Geese

Last week we enjoyed some wonderful weather.At last the strong winds and rain had gone away and frosty mornings and blue skies were the order of the day.These were ideal conditions for photographing and observing barn owls.Recently the owls have been hunting regularly in the afternoons and it provided excellent conditions for the camera with good light. I visited one of my regular locations near Pilling where the barn owls were out hunting most days.During the week I made four visits and took many images of the action.

As well as the barn owls I had excellent views of a field full of pinkfooted geese on my way home.They were close to the road and made for some nice images in the late afternoon sun.Other photographers were present and it was good to be in the excellent company of my good friend Paul Foster who thoroughly enjoyed himself with the camera.We all filled the memory cards with images and some of my better efforts are shown below.I will post a follow up account and will include more barn owl images plus images of a large flock of starlings.The starlings made an appearance on one of the afternoons and made for some dramatic shots as they flew around the area.Thanks for looking in and stay tuned for more action from the owls etc.

1 comment:

  1. Well Brian to say that I enjoyed getting out with the camera again, is an understatement.
    What a fantastic afternoon we had with the owls,so lucky to be able to view them in excellent light and at such short range!!!