Saturday, 6 February 2016

Hawks and Curlews

It has been yet another dull and dismal week weatherwise.The arrival of Atlantic weather systems has continued with yet more wind and rain.I did manage a run out to the Cockerham and Pilling area looking for the Bewick's swans that had been reported.On that trip the wind was exceptionally strong and what birds there were well scattered or hunkered down trying to avoid the worst of the weather.The one bright note was the presence of a large flock of curlews out from Cockerham Sands caravan park.

It was one of the biggest gatherings of curlews that I have seen.I did a very rough estimate of around 1200 birds.Other observers had estimated around 1400 or possibly two thousand birds. Whatever the number it was an impressive sight.I tried to capture the scene with the camera and my efforts are shown below.I missed the shot where all the birds were in the air together but hopefully my images convey some idea as to the very large numbers of birds.I have just read in "The Birds of Lancashire" that 7,500 were present at Cockersands on 26 August 2002!!

As for the sparrowhawk,this fine male has made a couple of appearances in my garden recently.I managed to grab the camera before it departed and was well pleased with my efforts.Hopefully next week will bring some better weather and some much needed sunshine.The trees and flowers are certainly responding to the mild weather with the blackthorn in blossom and daffodils in bloom.Thanks for looking in and hopefully the better weather is not too far away.


  1. Never seen that many curlews Brian.Super images of the spar love the pose.

  2. Me neither Brian,never seen so many gathered like just can,t beat seeing Curlew up on the fells in Spring for me!
    Yes,my local sparrow hawk has left his calling card in the back garden recently,but Ive not been around to witness him! Catch up soon mate!!

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