Saturday, 20 February 2016

Pilling Barn Owls

The weather this week has again been up and down.Currently very wet again and here for the weekend !! However during the week I did manage a couple of trips out and was once more on the trail of barn owls.Barn owls have been showing particularly well during daylight hours taking advantage of the drier interludes.The weather was sunny and dry during my visits and was ideal for photography.

I had decided to visit the Pilling area of Lancashire where I had found three sites where barn owls were active.The owls played hide and seek with me for a while. One in particular which had been posing beautifully on a roadside fence post flew off as I carefully approached in the car.Eventually I found an area where a couple of barn owls were quartering an area of rough grassland.I left the car and positioned myself on the edge of the field and awaited the arrival of the owls.

Another photographer was already in position and we enjoyed some excellent opportunities for the cameras as the owls returned to hunt in the very pleasant late afternoon sunshine.On the way back I called in at another location and again was lucky to see the barn owl on a post and managed more shots as it took off and headed home. I too headed home after an excellent session with the barn owls.I will return next week when once again midweek the forecast looks promising.Some of my efforts are shown below and I will return soon with probably more barn owl images.They are a super bird to observe and photographing them at times does become addictive.Thanks for looking in and enjoy the weekend.

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  1. Great images of the Barn Owl Brian.The weather looks better for next week,so fingers crossed.