Monday, 1 February 2016

End Of Pier Spectacular

A week ago I made two visits to Blackpool.Currently starlings are using the North Pier as a roosting site.It is an annual occurrence and can at times be spectacular especially if the starlings are being pursued by a peregrine falcon.They will then provide some wonderful murmurations and shapes in the sky as they try to evade capture. On my two visits this didn't happen but it was still a great show.

The starlings began to arrive around 4pm and within minutes there would be many thousands in the air.A conservative estimate would be around fifty thousand birds.The tide was out and the starlings were landing on the beach on either side of the pier and formed a dense carpet of birds.The light was not good on on my first visit and rain was beginning to arrive yet again.I did however take many images and decided on another visit the following day.

The conditions were slightly better on the next day and it stayed dry.I obtained some better images as large flocks of starlings flew over the sea where the sun was sinking fast.A few other observers and photographers were also on the beach and we all enjoyed the spectacle before us.I have shown below some of my better efforts but am keen to return again before the starlings return to their breeding areas in the coming spring.Hope you enjoy my efforts and I can recommend a visit to Blackpool to see the nightly performance at the end of the North Pier.Thanks for looking in and I will return soon with more of Lancashire's wonderful wildlife.

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  1. Hi Brian,interesting account of the starlings mate,gonna have to get the camera out myself now work has eased off!