Saturday, 29 March 2014

Leighton Harriers

Sounds a bit like an athletics club but I am in fact referring to Leighton Moss and its magnificent marsh harriers.It was quite some time since I had visited Leighton Moss and when I pulled into the car park I found it to be very busy.Undeterred I signed in and proceeded to visit Lilian's Hide.As usual here at this time of the year there were many black headed gulls disputing territorial rites on the small island.I spent some time there and then decided to move on to see what was about elsewhere.

Tim Jackson hide was next ,here was a nice assortment of wildfowl and a few snipe.This gave me some nice opportunities with the camera and I have shown above a snipe,teal and a shoveler all showing off their lovely plumages.Whilst at Tim Jackson I learnt that Marsh Harriers were showing well  from the Grizedale hide.So I headed off to see if I could catch up with the harriers.On the way to Grizedale the loud explosive call of a Cettis warbler could be heard.

On arrival at the Grizedale hide a number of big lenses were in operation firing off rapidly as the marsh harriers performed in front of the hide.I waited my turn to obtain a good spot and caught up with a fellow photographer whom I hadn't seen for some time.I eventually got into a good position looking over the reedbeds and the displaying harriers.It was a hectic half hour or so firing off many salvos of shots as the harriers flew and displayed close to the hide.It looks like they may be prospecting for suitable nest sites and we all look forward to the weeks ahead when hopefully the marsh harriers will be returning with nesting material and we hope they have another successful nesting season.I have shown above a selection of the many shots I took in this exciting session.Hope you enjoy the images of one of Leighton's iconic birds and thanks for looking in.      


  1. Brilliant images Brian,hopefully exciting times ahead.

  2. great shots Brian, Sharon and I were up there last week and had similar views of the Harriers off to the left of the hide, were these right out front?