Saturday, 15 March 2014

Snakes..Frogs and an Owl

This week the weather has continued to be settled and warmer. With the warmer weather I decided on a visit to Bowland to see if the adders had emerged from hibernation. It proved to be a good decision as a couple of adders were spotted in one of their favourite areas. One of the snakes went back underground and didn't reappear but the other one stayed out for twenty minutes or so and gave some nice opportunities for the camera. With a careful approach I was able to get close to the snake and some of the images I managed are shown above.

Another day I visited the Pilling and Cockerham area looking for brown hares. The only two I saw were too distant for the camera but I am sure more opportunities will occur in the coming weeks.What was good however was a little owl posing and sunbathing by the roadside.The owl stayed around long enough to have it's portrait taken and heads this post.I have also shown some more images from my previous weeks visit to the spawning frogs. Stay tuned for more of my travels in the weeks to come and thanks for looking in.


  1. Wow - I love those adder shots Brian - I'd love to see one!

  2. Nice to see the warm weather return brian,sure brings the adders out to play and you certainly made the most of the opportunity with more excellent images!
    Keep up the good work and catch up with you soon!!!

  3. Sorry I missed this post Brian,another great set of images from your camera,just love the close up of the little owl.Hope to see you on my travels soon.