Saturday, 1 March 2014

More Grebes

This last week with the better weather I have made a couple of visits to one of my local nature reserves.I was hoping for some more images of the great crested grebes which at this time of the year are performing their ritual courting displays.The grebes didn't disappoint and as well as face to face head shaking I was treated to both grebes catching fish close to the hide.
On a lovely sunny afternoon the many teal present were also getting in on the act.I have shown above a couple of the handsome male teal showing off his lovely plumage to the other teal present.I have also included a shot of a shelduck which sped by and again the lovely colours of this bird were enhanced by the afternoon sun. Hope you enjoy my selection of images from the week and next week I hope to return to Hoylake as more big tides promise plenty of action from the wader roost.Thanks for looking in


  1. The better light brings the colours of the ducks and grebes out to good effect Brian,and you have certainly done them justice here.

  2. Nice picture ! Showing an object in motion is always an arresting image, and to do it most effectively when photographing a bird requires a slower shutter speed (around 1/60s). The trick is to track the bird during its flight.

    Microstock photo website