Saturday, 8 March 2014

Frantic Frogs

The weather has settled down this week and warmed up a little. Nature has responded and at last Spring does seem to have arrived.The population of frogs thinks so also, and this week I have been to a local pond to capture the annual spawning spectacle.
I visited a park which has a number of ponds and eventually I came across a corner of one of the ponds which was full of frogs and frogspawn.With a careful approach I was able to enter the water and set up a camera and tripod and obtain some nice images of the action.I also took some video as the sight and sounds of the dozens of frogs present was special and worth recording for future use.
I returned for a second visit and on this visit I donned my waders to enable me to get closer to the action. The frogs were not bothered by my presence and allowed a close approach and I was very pleased with the resulting images and video.I have shown above a small selection of some of the images I obtained  and hope you enjoy them .Toads will also be actively spawning around now and next week I may spend time looking for a suitable site to photograph them.
Thanks for looking in and I will hopefully add more images from my travels in due course.