Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Intimate Moments

Over the last five or six weeks I have been monitoring developments at four different locations where great crested grebes were nesting. Sadly one of the sites has been deserted despite the birds having two eggs , the others are still occupied and I will visit to monitor progress from time to time. The images shown below are from an upland site not far from home.It's exposed position has meant the grebes have only just begun displaying and mating and setting up home on this windswept lake. I was fortunate this week to be present on a warm and sunny afternoon when the grebes performed for the camera. I felt very privileged to witness this intimate behaviour from the grebes at close quarters and very pleased to record some of the spectacular action. I hope you enjoy these special moments from these beautiful birds and thanks for looking in.


  1. This bird looks different!!! Excellent shots and wonderful pictures.

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  2. I think we are all busy now with everything that's happening and I can seen you've been busy and these are a GREAT selection of these fab birds, difficult to pick any one out, triffic, which reminds me I need a haircut!

  3. Absolutely superb!
    A bird I still look forward to approach but the water levels in my region of France are so low this year that it has become impossible to get close to any water bird...
    Too bad!
    Each picture is magnificent, my favorites though are the close-ups on the male's head! A real bitnick!
    Congratulations Brian!

  4. Winning shots again Brian. Just as a matter of interest, I'm on the library computer as mine is down at the moment.

  5. Fantastic action with the Grebes Bryan,you really are doing them some justice.They look a totally different bird when displaying.The head plummage is just amazing!!!

  6. Magnificent selection Brian, especially, for me, the eighth.