Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Back To Bowland

I returned to the Bowland area of Lancashire this week and was accompanied by good friend Paul Foster.We had a varied and interesting day and images from the day are shown below.We met just after sunrise and enjoyed nice but distant views of a young buck roe deer. I had also seen one on my way as it bounded off across the frosty roadside field. We moved on to Stocks Reservoir where we eventually after a long wait had nice views of male and female crossbills.The finale was a return to the area where I had previously found my first adder. Again we struck lucky with wonderful views of three different male adders which posed nicely on what was a cool day with enough sun to tempt them out of hiding.Hope you enjoy my selection and I look forward to my next outing when things warm up a bit.


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  2. Excellent shots and wonderful pictures.

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  3. Excellent stuff Brian, a short report with quality photographs, in particular your two Crossbills.

    Don't worry too much about Keira I think she's robot off some other planet. I've seen her on other similar blogs to ours with the same comment which is difficult to understand but doesn't sound very complimentary.

  4. Hi Brian

    Lovely, varied images: The crossbills are stunning and to think they're just 'up the road!' I'd love to know how you got the wonderful motion in the final deer shot - it's brilliant.

    By the way, I am a regular 'visitant' to your awfully splendid blog! Think something got lost in translation there!

  5. Another good account of the day Brian.Well worth the early start wasn`t it!!Still not got over finding the Adders yet.Just waiting whilst this awful weather subsides and I`ll be digging out my smaller lenses!!!!!!!!!!!!