Monday, 9 April 2012

Adders and Dippers

I am writing this on a very wet and miserable Bank Holiday. It does give me time however to catch up on editing and blog work.My latest upload therefore is about the search for adders and dippers on a recent trip to the Bowland area of Lancashire. Martin and I enjoyed a super day out in this lovely part of Lancashire and I was thrilled to find and photograph my first adder. The weather at the end of March was more like Summer and the adders were waking from their hibernation. On the way home we called at a spot I know near to Dunsop Bridge where dippers nest alongside a fast flowing river. We enjoyed nice views of the dippers returning with food for their recently hatched young.We kept at a reasonable distance to photograph them and the dippers were unconcerned as they made frequent visits to the nest site with food from the river. Hope you enjoy the images below of the dippers and the female adder I was fortunate to find.When the weather improves I hope to be off again on my travels to bring you more from the Lancashire countryside.


  1. What a great day out that was Brian,with close views of the adders of Bowland and the dippers,you've captured the moments brilliantly with your images. regards mj.

  2. I've never seen a Dipper Brian and these are beautifully captured. The Adder, too – it looks like quite a big adult.

  3. Magnificent shots as usual, Brian!
    The Dipper is a bird I have yet to "catch" with my camera!
    Bravo for the adder, amazing it is already molting... Contrary to last year, I still haven't seen one of those we have around the house. They usually appear around the 15th of march.
    Congratulations again!

    1. Noushka. Thanks for your very kind comments..Wish you luck with the adders and dippers.I will visit your blog whenever I can..I still have to see your prize winning toad image..Thanks again for looking in.

  4. That bird is a real beauty, and the snake is really interesting too!

  5. Good selection of Dipper/Adder images Brian, the latter always exciting to find let alone photograph.

  6. Beautiful Dipper images, showing superb detail (didn't know their eyes were brown) and the summery light makes for beautiful colours.

  7. Super subjects again Brian.The Dipper stood on the moss covered rock,beautiful.
    The Adder...well fantastic image,like Peter said it`s a bonus just to find and observe one never mind photograph one,brilliant.
    Catch up with you soon....