Saturday, 7 April 2012

Amphibian Amour

I have been busy this last week or so catching up with editing work and have had problems with redesigning the blog. This has meant I haven't published anything new for a while.I think I may now be back on track so here goes.Last month I witnessed the spectacle of hundreds of common toads spawning at some ponds on a local nature reserve.Shown below are some of the images of this sexual frenzy as dozens of toads vied for the attention of the females. I visited again a few days later and there was not a single toad to be seen.I have made a note to visit earlier next year when I can hopefully obtain better images than those shown below.Thanks for looking in and enjoy the Easter weekend.


  1. Nice selection Brian,glad your up and running with your blog again,I'am looking at mine this afternoon.

  2. Yep! These guys are very familiar!
    Great reportage!
    Last year I had them by the hundreds.... Actually quite invasive here!
    One of my pics won a medal for the national French competition; it figures on my blog! I was so proud and never imagined winning anything! LOL!
    Well done,
    Cheers Brian!

  3. Nice sequence, Brian. Fantastic

  4. such wonderful and interesting photographs!
    I have been looking at the entire front page of your blog and love each and every image. thank you for sharing.