Thursday, 19 April 2012

Black Tailed Godwit

Just thought I would post a few images of the black tailed godwits I saw recently at Marshside RSPB Reserve at Southport. There are good numbers present at Marshside and many of them are coming into their full breeding plumage.Very few breed in this country and some of these birds may be of the Icelandic race on their way to Arctic breeding grounds.Some of the birds were feeding very close to the hides and I was able to obtain some nice images of these elegant and very beautiful waders.Hope you enjoy the images below showing the godwits feeding ,preening and in flight. Thanks for looking in and enjoy the weekend.


  1. Two excellent posts with images on consecutive days Brian, well done. The two 'group' shots are particularly good.

  2. Hi Brian,
    That is a good one. Wow!,perfect picture and sequencing.
    Thanx for sharing.

  3. Magnificent again!
    A bird I have yet to discover!
    At last it is a real treat to admire your photos!

  4. Nice pics Brian guess you were in the right place at the right time . thanks for sharing.

  5. one day we'll 'crash' into each other.... covering similar ground (not surprising really)... love the Godwits, 'orange fest', that group photo, wow. must talk about the crossbills sometime as I was at Stocks about two weks ago, bah humbug. Thanks for the comments, crcakin adders by the way, probably see you 'in the dock' soon!

  6. Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

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