Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Deer...Dragons...and Beardies.

Managed to get out this week with the long lens and I decided on a visit to Leighton Moss. It was to be a warm and sunny day following recent periods of rain. I began at the causeway where I was lucky to connect with a handsome Bearded Tit. This was the first I had seen for a number of years. Now is a good time to connect with these elusive birds as they come to the grit trays provided for them at the side of the public causeway. I managed a couple of quick shots before the bird dived back into the reeds. It was not the ideal shot perched on the grit tray and showing the coloured leg rings but it will do until I have more time to spend waiting for the ideal reed top pose.
I then teamed up with Phil Tomkinson a well known local photographer and we spent a very enjoyable session in the public hide photographing the many Migrant Hawker dragonflies that were enjoying the warm midday sunshine. I had not tried to photograph dragonflies on the wing before and was well pleased with the results. I then left to hopefully see and photograph Red Deer which was my main objective of the day.
I made for the Griezdale Hide which gives an extensive view over one of the areas favoured by the Red Deer. It was the beginning of the rutting season and the bellowing of the stags could be heard coming from the reed beds. There were two stags on view but one was lying down in dense vegetation and was not performing for the camera and was content to doze away the afternoon. The other stag did however present some nice photographic opportunities standing proudly for all to see and throwing back his fine antlers and bellowing from time to time. Also on view from the hide was a handsome black tailed godwit and many teal showing their fine plumage in the very pleasant afternoon sunshine. I have shown above my efforts to capture the action at Leighton Moss on what was a a lovely Autumnal day and one I hope to repeat again soon. 


  1. Some more brilliant photographs for us all to enjoy. Good to see you again this afternoon (Wednesday) Brian.

  2. Excellent photos..What an awesome photo of the Dragon!! wowee..

  3. Great Dragonfly shot mate!So are the Red Deer stags!
    I was up there myself on Weds morning,didn`t see the stags though!!!!!!!!!

  4. A great set of shots as usual Brian, I especially like the stag portraits.

  5. Excellent first dragonfly shot. I love the colours and light quality - must be all that gorgeous autumn sunshine.

  6. Great pictures Brian....
    my compliments for your blog.

    Greetings, Joop