Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Action In The Park

I visited the deer park at Dallam again this week hoping for more action shots from the rutting fallow deer. It was a wonderful bright and sunny morning following a sharp overnight frost. I stopped at the convenient layby adjoining the A6 which looks across the River Bela into the Dallam Estate. All the deer were on show most of them adjoining the deer house which enables the deer to shelter when the weather is bad.This certainly wasn't the case on this fabulous morning.
All the hinds and young deer were under the control of one stag which constantly patrolled up and down keeping his harem together. Eventually he selected one of the hinds and mated with her. The other stags meantime decided to wade across the river and graze close to the main road giving me the opportunity for some nice close up action shots. It was a great sight to watch and a few others were also enjoying the wildlife spectacle. I hope the above shots  selected from the dozens I took give my readers as much pleasure as I had in capturing this action from the deer park.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Brian, some very interesting shots of the Fallow deer there!
    Glad you`re out and about with the camera again only wish I could be out there with you!!!!