Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ten Metre Tide

Last week and this week there have been some big tides along the Lancashire coastline which coincided with some settled and warm Autumn weather.I am always thrilled to witness the spectacular movements of waders as they fly to various roosting areas adjoining the sands between Southport and Formby. Last week I was in position an hour or so before high tide and managed to conceal myself behind vegetation and obtain some nice images of the various waders as they came and went from their favoured roosting areas.
The small selection of images above are mostly of Knot and Oystercatchers as they performed for the camera on a lovely warm and sunny afternoon. Disturbance is inevitable along this popular coastline but it was kept to a minimum and when the oystercatcher flocks were disturbed they provided some nice opportunities for spectacular group flight shots and I was well pleased with my afternoon's work. I hope my readers enjoy looking at them as much as I did in taking them. My next post will show my favourite shorebirds, sanderling, which were much in evidence on my visit yesterday and again performed very nicely for the camera.


  1. Absolutely beautiful captures Brian. Incredibly well done!

  2. A good afternoon seems to have been enjoyed Brian,smashing images again mate!!!!

  3. What a great set of images! It must have been a great experience to have been around so many shorebirds.
    What is the whitish bird in the lower left corner of the 4th image? Would that be a Sanderling?

  4. Thanks everybody for looking. Mark...As far as I can make out all the birds on the fourth image are Knot.Sanderling are much smaller and very pale looking and you will see them on my next posting.