Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Still Fishing

This last week has found me once again visiting a favourite part of the River Ribble to see if I could catch one or two more barbel. The river was again in fine form following more heavy rain and salmon were running the river and a few were taken by the salmon anglers. My friend Bob is shown above with a salmon  just over eleven pounds which he caught on his birthday.
I was concentrating on the barbel hoping for that elusive double figure fish which still eludes me. The one shown above was eight pounds and was one of several fish caught and safely returned to the river. Another riverside fisher was the kingfisher which was seen on a regular basis patrolling the river banks and catching one or two small fish. It is  nice to spend time by the Ribble at this time of the year and enjoy the peace and quiet and beautiful surroundings of one of Lancashire's premier rivers.


  1. You look as though you are really enjoying this fishing Brian, but look out 'cos here comes the pun....I do hope you're not going to get 'hooked' on it Brian to the cost of your photography!

  2. Hard fighting fish the Barbel Brian.Glad to see you`re enjoying being back on the river...........