Saturday, 3 December 2016

Salmo The Leaper

The Atlantic Salmon was named by the Romans I think, as Salmo the Leaper (Salmo salar}.This is owing to the salmon's ability to leap up and over waterfalls that would otherwise impede it's progress up the rivers.The Atlantic Salmon returns to it's native rivers in the Autumn to swim upstream to the spawning grounds in the upper reaches of the rivers where they would have originally been born. They usually await heavy rain when the rivers are in spate enabling them to make progress upstream much easier.

I eagerly await their arrival in the Autumn when I can try to catch leaping salmon with the camera.This year the Autumn was very dry with little or no rain.Eventually at the beginning of November the rains did arrive and the salmon began to make their way to the spawning grounds.One of the favourite places to see this annual spectacle is Stainforth Force on the upper River Ribble above Settle.

I had seen some nice images obtained by local photographers and I was keen to see if I could catch one or two for myself.It is not an easy task to photograph salmon as they leap the falls.It is impossible to tell when a salmon will leap and concentration is vital to capture the moment. I enjoyed a couple of sessions on the upper Ribble at Stainforth and was reasonably well pleased with the results shown below.It was an enjoyable experience with good weather and excellent company and the scenery in this part of Northern England is magnificent.

Thanks for looking in and hope you enjoy my selection of images from the River Ribble.Since then I have been on the trail of waxwings which are now coming into the country from Scandanavia and some large flocks are present in Scotland and the Lake District.To see how I got on tune in again to see these beautiful birds as they performed for the camera.


  1. Great images Brian,alot better than my feeble efforts.I`ll try again next year.

  2. Really good images these Brian,as they are not an easy subject to frame!You were certainly rewarded for your endeavours!!