Saturday, 17 December 2016

Starling Roost...Blackpool North Pier

At this time of the year approaching Christmas,I like to visit the North Pier at Blackpool to see the starling roost.Thousands of starlings use the pier every night and can provide some memorable moments as they bed down for the night.So it was this last week I paid a couple of visits mid afternoon to catch the arrival of the starlings.

It soon seems to go dark at this time of the year and you need to be in position around 3pm to witness the arrival of the starlings.They will have spent the day feeding out on the fields and farmland of The Fylde and will begin to arrive in groups of birds steadily up until around 4pm.This year they are doing as in previous years and dropping onto the beach and forming a large carpet of birds.It is always tricky capturing reasonable images as the light is fading fast and settings on the camera have to be spot on to capture the action.

Shown below are some of my better efforts to capture the spectacle but as always I think I can do much better.It is still nice to be there however and witness this nightly spectacle.To me this is much more exciting than what goes on around the piers and Golden Mile in the centre of Blackpool.I will return however as hopefully the birds will be present for much if the winter.Thanks for looking in and I will probably do one more post before Christmas and show some of my favourite images from 2016.

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