Friday, 9 December 2016

They Are Here....Waxwings

For a number of weeks now good numbers of waxwings have been coming into the country from Scandanavia. Most of the birds were arriving in the north east of Scotland and along the east coast of England. In time some large flocks of 100 plus birds found their way into Northern England.The Carlisle Penrith areas and Keswick and Kendal were favoured by the birds.It seemed inevitable that given time some of these birds would find their way into Lancashire.This is exactly what happened and a flock of around thirty waxwings was located in Blackburn.

Whenever waxwings come to Britain they always seem to find their way to Blackburn.They spent around a couple of weeks around the Bank Top area where there were good supplies of rowan berries.It had been an excellent year for berry production and the waxwings will be spoilt for choice as they travel the country in search of their staple winter food supply.

I joined other photographers and bird watchers as we enjoyed these beautiful visitors from Scandanavia.We enjoyed excellent views as they fed in a quiet residential cul de sac and many images were taken by the waiting cameras. It was also nice to catch up with friends I hadn't seen for some time.I have shown below some of my better efforts to capture the beauty of these handsome birds and hope you enjoy them as much as I did in taking them.Since then a few more waxwings have turned up just outside Whalley and I visited with Paul Foster and we enjoyed more super views of waxwings.

It is more than likely therefore that I will have to post more waxwing images in due course.I have found that you must take advantage of these opportunities when they occur and fill your memory cards with lots of images.All to soon the birds will be gone and it maybe another number of years when next the waxwings come to town.Thanks for looking in and stay tuned for more from Lancashire's wildlife.


  1. What a collection of first class images Brian,exceptional,but then again richly deserved, as I know how many miles and hrs you put in for this fine collection!

  2. Dear Brian, thanks for sharing your exceptionally brilliant waxwings with us here in Canada. We do see them here often in our local parks, but not in the numbers you get them. Your blog gives us great pleasure when we're faced with a cold winter indoors.

    1. Dear Pat.Thanks for your very kind comments re my waxwing images.It is nice to think that they are being enjoyed in Toronto.Have had a quick look at your blog.Love the foxes!! Take care and have a lovely Christmas and best wishes for 2017.

  3. Stunning images of the winter waxwings Brian,I expected nothing less from you.Hope to catch up with you soon.