Saturday, 26 November 2016

Sunrise and Sunset

Following the recent wet weather things settled down a bit and cold days with frosty mornings became the norm.The days were very pleasant and it was nice to get out and enjoy the winter scenery.Last weekend there was a fall of snow over the high ground and a trip up to the Lake Disrtict provided some alpine scenery particularly around the Kirkstone Pass area.

However my latest blog concentrates on the magnificent sunrises and sunsets I have seen.I was awake early on a few mornings and from my bedroom window I enjoyed some fabulous skies lit up by the rising sun.They were however fleeting as the sun rose and cloud moved in.The sunset shots below came from Scorton and Lytham St Annes.Iwas driving back home late p.m when I noticed a sunset over the Lancashire coast.I quickly drove up above Scorton village to look out towards Blackpool where the sky seemed to be on fire as it lit up the coast through a hole in the clouds. One afternoon found me at Lytham as the sun was setting and the famous Lytham windmill provided the perfect subject for the camera as the sun set over the Irish Sea.

Thanks for looking in and next time I will feature my trip to the upper River Ribble above Settle to watch the salmon leaping the falls as they made their way upstream . They were heading for the upper reaches of the Ribble to the headwaters where they were born to spawn and continue the survival of the Atlantic Salmon.

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