Saturday, 9 April 2016

Ospreys Return

It is that time of the year when ospreys return from their winter quarters in West Africa.I had heard that about a week ago the birds had been arriving back in the Lake District and most of the nesting sites had already been occupied.I was keen therefore to renew my acquaintance with these magnificent birds.

Last year I had been fortunate to have access to one of the breeding locations in the south of the Lake District and it was to this area that I returned on Tuesday.Having set up the camera about 200yards away from the nest I was ready to photograph any action from the birds.I was concealed deep in the forest and was hidden from the birds and in camouflage so as not to disturb the birds.The pair of ospreys duly arrived at the nest site after about an hour or so and began mating .This was wonderful to watch as these two magnificent birds performed their duties on the nest.The male bird was perched on the back of the female and his huge wings were outspread as mating continued for about a minute or so.This was to be repeated later in the afternoon.I understand that this can occur between 160-190 times prior to the eggs being laid.The camera was kept very busy during the action as I fired off many shots using a remote to fire the shutter.

After the mating had taken place the male bird flew off and returned with sticks and grass to build up the nest.It had been a wonderful afternoon watching and recording the action from the pair of ospreys.I had been very privileged indeed to witness the bonding of this returning pair of ospreys.A subsequent visit later in the week was to prove very disappointing .I discovered that the pair of ospreys had decided to move to another location situated on the lakeside,one they had used in previous years.Viewing the ospreys at the new location was difficult as they were a long way away and close views were not possible.I am told that this has happened before and that the ospreys may return to their first choice of nest site. I sincerely hope so and look forward to more encounters with these magnificent birds.Thanks for looking in and stay tuned for more from my travels.


  1. An amazing experience for you Brian. You obviously took full advantage of the privilege of getting close to the action for photography....Great stuff comprehensively recorded on film.

  2. One of those special days Brian,just hope that they return to last years site, then we can enjoy more of the lake district Ospreys!

  3. Sorry I`m late commenting on these images Brian.A fantastic set of Osprey images, hope there is
    more to come.