Monday, 25 April 2016

Grebe Portraits

I have recently spent many hours at a local nature reserve photographing and observing great crested grebes. These special birds have to be one of my very favourites.At this time of the year there is much to see and photograph at the grebe's lakeside home.It is a very busy time for the grebes as they go about their daily fishing duties and from time to time courtship and mating rituals occupy their time.

I have already posted accounts and images of the grebes fishing and performing their spectacular courtship and mating rituals.This time I am showing some of the many close up images I have taken of the grebes.At this particular location they can come very close to the hide in their quest for some of the many fish inhabiting this rich lake.They have therefore provided many opportunities for the camera as they posed between dives.

Hope you like this week's selection of images as much as I did in taking them.The weather looks set fair again this week although it is still on the cold side and many of the summer migrants have yet to arrive.I will therefore be out and about again this week to bring you more of Lancashire's super wildlife action.Thanks for looking in and enjoy the week.


  1. As good as it gets Brian,well worth all the time and effort.As you say still very cold and the migrants arrival is very slow,can`t wait to get in those hills.

  2. You have certainly captured the moments with the grebe Brian,so photogenic birds!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous captures of this beautiful bird!