Sunday, 31 August 2014

Wader Watching

Followers of my blog will be aware that one of my favourite aspects of bird photography is large wader flocks.I never cease to be amazed by the sheer numbers of birds as they perform for the camera.Recently thousands of waders have returned to the Lancashire coastline from their Arctic breeding grounds.So it was that I returned to an area of the coast near Southport where large flocks of wading birds can be guaranteed on a high tide.

On the day of my visit the tide was over nine metres and was backed by a strong westerly wind which all helped to push the birds towards the waiting camera.There were indeed thousands of waders present consisting of knot,dunlin,godwits, sanderling and oystercatchers.I was kept busy with two lenses,the 500mm for close up shots and the 70-200 for flight and  group shots.Many of the birds,particularly the knot and bar tailed godwits still had hints of bright breeding plumage on show and looked fine in the warm afternoon sunshine.

At one point a peregrine falcon appeared to harass the flocks.I didn't see it take any prey but it did force the birds into tight formation flocks to try and avoid capture.I have shown above some scenes from the beach but nothing can compare with actually being there to witness this spectacular display.I now eagerly await the next series of high tides when I will once again be at one of my favourite wildlife locations.Thanks for looking in and hope to be back soon with more of Lancashire's wonderful wildlife.  

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  1. Impressive number of waders Brian,seems early to me that such large flocks have returned from breeding to the Lancashire wintering grounds.Great images and to see some in summer plumage is a big plus,hope to see you soon on our travels.