Friday, 29 August 2014

Another Kingfisher

This week I spent a very pleasant afternoon on the River Wyre at St Michaels waiting for a kingfisher to show.I had visited previously to see the part of the river that the kingfisher occupied and decided on a strategy to try and obtain some images.I therefore set up the camera and tripod opposite a pool used by the kingfisher and waited and waited for the bird to show.

The kingfisher did fly past me a few times but never stopped in the area where I had set up camp.I knew when it was in the vicinity when I heard it's sharp call.The best opportunity arose when I went to talk to a nearby fisherman and the kingfisher flew in and perched directly opposite the camera.I was too slow and the bird flew into a nearby willow bush overhanging the water.It was obscured by vegetation but I did manage a few shots before it departed.

Despite waiting for five hours or so this was to be my only opportunity.This however is wildlife photography and I will be back to this delightful spot on the Wyre to catch up with the kingfisher
A few images are shown above from the afternoon,certainly not my best shots of a kingfisher but I know next time I will hopefully get those wonderful close ups in good light.


  1. Keep at it Brian,I`m sure you`ll hit the jackpot.Lookingf orward to me of this stunning bird!!!

  2. Excellent in the circumstances.

    It's called determination, and I reckon you have plenty of Brian.

  3. Lovely countryside,lovely river Brian what could be better.I`m sure you`ll nail it next time.