Friday, 25 April 2014

Mostly Hares

I seem to have been stuck in a rut recently photographing brown hares and roe deer. I make no apologies therefore to be posting yet more images of these delightful animals.I have been confined to barracks most of the week and have been feeling unwell at times.I did manage a couple of hours yesterday evening with a drive round some of my favourite areas of Bowland.

I needed some fresh air and was having withdrawal symptoms from not using the camera.It had been another warm and sunny day but things deteriorated as I was preparing to leave .It was dark with showery rain but thankfully it passed and stayed dry for my trip.I found brown hares in the expected places eating the fresh grass and some of them were within camera range.I finished my journey with a return over Longridge Fell and found the roebuck feeding on his usual part of the fell.Another sunset presented itself  but there were still showers over the Irish Sea and these conditions spoilt the effect somewhat.Shown above my best efforts from the evening and I hope to be fully fit and return with more of Lancashire's wildlife next week. Thanks for looking in and enjoy the weekend. 


  1. hello Brian,
    I have been scrolling through your photos....
    they really really really are wonderful!!

  2. Hello Brian,hope you're feeling a bit better mate!

    Never tire of seeing quality photos of our local mammals,keep em coming!

  3. pretty nice blog, following :)

  4. Very impressive work Brian. Love the Hare shots!