Monday, 21 April 2014

More from Bowland

This last week or so has seen me visiting Bowland again.Previously I had visited early mornings but recently evening visits have been the norm.It has been Easter Week and with it has come some settled, warm and dry weather.Usually around Easter time the weather seems to be cold and wet and the little lambs suffer with many dying from exposure.This year however the sheep and lambs have done well and it has been nice to see the sheep and lambs posing to have their photos taken at the side of the moorland roads.

The evenings have also been good  for seeing more hares and roe deer enjoying the new growth now appearing in the fields.It has been a pleasure to drive Bowland's quiet lanes and observe the wildlife.As well as the hares and deer I have also seen a couple of stoats and a tawny owl but both quickly vanished before I had time to get any shots.It was nice on my return from Bowland to drive over Longridge Fell and witness a magnificent sunset to round off what had been very enjoyable excursions into this lovely part of Lancashire.Hope you enjoy the images above and thanks for looking in.

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  1. Lovely set of images Brian,especially the roe deer and the sunset over the Bowland Fells.