Saturday, 12 April 2014

Deer.. Hares and a Grouse

This last week has seen me going out on the early and late shifts to catch up with the local wildlife.I have been out in my favourite areas of Bowland to photograph brown hares and roe deer.An early start is essential to track down these shy and elusive animals.Roe deer particularly are very shy and vanish at the first signs of human presence.I have been reasonably successful and have managed to obtain a few satisfactory images from the comfort of the car before the deer departed from their early morning forays.The brown hares are a little more reliable and there are certain areas of Bowland where I am guaranteed a few sightings. Again I have found early morning to be best but have also had encounters in the evenings.

It has been worthwhile getting up early to experience the beauty and quiet of this lovely area of Lancashire.It gives me great pleasure to see the magnificent scenery and wildlife before the working day begins. Hope you enjoy my images above of the roe deer and brown hares and also the red grouse which posed nicely on a roadside wall.Thanks for looking in and enjoy the weekend.


  1. that was very nice of the grouse to pose for you! Great pictures! Wish I knew where we could see hares reliably round here or another year will go by without having seen them :-(

  2. Great stuff Brian, lovely to see the Hares, we are out later in the week looking for some, we've been on early mornings watching Black Grouse Lek, so a change to Hares will be nice!