Friday, 6 December 2013

Big Tides ... Big Flocks

This week has seen some very high tides culminating in yesterday's storm surge which caused much damage and flooding around the coast.Lancashire did have coastal flooding and the Promenade at Blackpool  and other coastal routes were closed to traffic during the height of the storm.The North Wales Coast and down the East Coast of Yorkshire ,Lincolnshire and Norfolk took the brunt of the bad weather with much damage and flooding to properties.I stayed at home yesterday and today and worked on the images I had taken on Wednesday.
On Wednesday I visited the coast at Southport to watch and photograph the high tide wader roost.I think this is one of the most exciting spectacles to witness and photograph on the Lancashire coastline and I never cease to be amazed by the sheer numbers of birds present.I have tried to show above some of the birds present which consisted mostly of knot,bar tailed godwits,grey plover and oystercatcher. There would also have been dunlin and sanderling present in the huge numbers of birds at the roost.If you look carefully at a couple of the images above you will see a photographer, not me , who was under camouflage and was surrounded by many thousands of birds.He must have got some terrific images of the waders coming and going from the roost.I think I will have to try this approach on a subsequent visit. Thanks for looking in and hope you enjoy my efforts above to try and convey one of nature's finest spectacles.

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  1. Wow Brian , you have certainly captured the moment with the waders!You can almost feel the atmosphere of thousands of birds surrounded by the wind and the waves! Really enjoyed this blog !!