Thursday, 12 December 2013

Pottering around Pilling

Yesterday on a sunny but cool day I went for a ride around some of my old haunts in the Pilling area.It was ideal in the car as I was able to cover a lot of territory and keep comfortable using the car as a mobile hide.I had hoped to catch up with some owls,barn,short eared or little but none were forthcoming and as yet I haven't found any photographable owls at previous haunts.It was still a pleasant day however and I managed some reasonable images of whooper swans and pinkfoots in the Eagland Hill area.Also what was very nice was seeing a large flock( approx 200+ ) of curlews feeding in roadside fields.I had earlier met up with Simon and we both enjoyed photographing the curlews from the comfort of the car.Perhaps the best birds of the day were the grey partridge in the vicinity of the feeding station at Bradshaw Lane.These could be introduced birds by the shooting fraternity but I like to think they could be native wild birds which have been present for many years in the Pilling area.Hope you enjoy my account and images from a pleasant day revisiting some of my old haunts.  


  1. Love the Grey Partridge, difficult to see in Kent these days

  2. Have to agree with Alan I`m afraid Brian.If ever there was a bird that used to be so plentiful in my younger years,it has to be the grey partridge!