Friday, 25 February 2011

Unwelcome Visitors

The wildlife that I have seen and photographed this week has been very close to home. In fact too a family of brown rats have taken up residence in my back garden. This was a very disturbing experience as nobody likes to have rats around. I am sure that they were first attracted to the area by a mountain of rubbish dumped in a neighbour's garden, which has been there for many months.
It was obviously a job for the experts and I called Preston Borough Council's Environmental Health Department. They sent round a chap to have a look at the situation and he returned later with a couple of poison bait containers which he placed in strategic locations. He promised to return in a week to see if the poison had been taken. Meantime I had to watch as a large family of rats made their home beneath a log in my garden.
After the initial " novelty " and having taken numerous images of my unwelcome neighbours I decided on a more proactive solution. A good friend whom I had told of my predicament said he had a point 22 calibre air rifle. I thought carefully about this possible solution and decided this was the way to go. My good friend duly arrived the following day with the rifle and ammunition and after a quick lesson we set up the rifle in my back lounge and opened one of the windows. I couldn't believe my good fortune when my very first shot killed a rat. We both had a few more attempts but we missed the target.
My friend left that afternoon and I set up the rifle outside a little closer to the rats. Again I was very lucky as my very first shot killed another. That however was it and more opportunities were missed but I may have injured one or two. Since then I have seen less rats and the attention of neighbourhood cats may have something to do with it. Also some may have now been poisoned and died. So hopefully the situation may now improve as today I have still not seen any more rats but only time will tell. A few images are shown above of the rat pack enjoying the hospitality of my garden and hopefully this will be the last time that I see them. I don't think anybody enjoys looking at rats so let's hope this is good riddance.


  1. I don't mind one or two but that's quite the horde!!! I sure hope the neighborhood cats don't eat the poisoned rats and die also! That happened to a dog that belonged to a friend of mine!

  2. Awful situation to be in Brian.Nobody wants rats anywhere near their home.The biggest rat that needs shooting is the filthy sod that lives nearby!

  3. Thats not good Brian, hopefully the combination of the air rifle and poison sorts it out for you. I have a similar issue with mice raiding my shed after the bird seed, tried all sorts to get rid of them and have had to resort to old fashioned mouse traps!!

  4. They say noone is further than 8 feet from a rat ikn the UK at anytime so don't take it personally Brian. I have seen rats down at Preston Docks during the day.... As you say the neighbours may not have helped. Feeding birds can be an issue and an attraction for rodents. I recall seeing rats in the country on a farm where I lived as big as cats... huge B*ggers, I couldn't believe it. Most of the time Rats go unseen... I've got mink on my doorstep! Hope it doesn't prove too problematic for you... oh I have field mice in the garden and garage... if you live next to a field it's hardly surprising. They're a bloody nuisance chewing everything.