Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Mainly Wigeon

After last week's invasion of rats, which thankfully seemed to have moved on, I have returned to do some bird photography. I have had a frustrating time this week trying to catch up with waxwings, which are still about but so far have eluded me. I spent a few hours down at Newton Marsh which currently is host to hundreds of wigeon,which provided me with some nice photographic opportunities.
I have posted a few of my efforts above. As well as the wigeon there were a few brown hares about enjoying this week's better weather and I have shown them above. There were also coots and waterhens and the one above was pretending to be a black grouse. The best bird on the marsh was a male merlin which was always too distant to photograph but has been more obliging for other photographers. I hope to get out and about again this week as the settled weather looks like being with us for most of this week.


  1. Oh so beautiful! That 2nd shot is amazing!!!

  2. Hello!
    Great pictures and beautiful page!

    Regards Knut Egil

  3. Excellent photography again Brian including the wing flapping drake. Lots of Brown hare activity at Cockersands just now....the mad March Hare!

    Kind Regards.

  4. It is a pleasure to see these large groups of these animals, whose names certainly seem to come from the Odyssey ... Anas penelope :) I can also see them in the Remolar_Filipines reserve, near Barcelona. But you have many more, I envy you! Greetings from Barcelona, Spain.

    Ramón García

  5. Great page with many fantastic pictures!
    Keep up the good work!


    Leiv Arne

  6. Another nice set of images Brian!The Wigeon will soon be heading North mate back to their breeding grounds.Spring is just around the last.

  7. Hello Dude,

    In the brief northern summer wigeon favour lakes with aquatic vegetation, tending to avoid waters overgrown with reeds and very deep lakes. Surprisingly it is mainly a bird of the coniferous forests, but is also found much farther to the north alongside tundra rivers and lakes. Thanks a lot!

    Wildlife Photographer