Friday, 4 February 2011

More Starlings

I have become obsessed recently with the starling roost at Leighton Moss. I have visited on a number of occasions but have not yet got it quite right. I have either been too far away from the roosting birds, the weather has been very gloomy or the birds have gone straight into the reedbeds . I had another go yesterday and once more things didn't turn out as I had hoped for.
It was a very pleasant journey up to Silverdale with bright blue skies and sunshine and it was very pleasant driving slowly along the back lanes of Pilling and Cockerham observing the wildlife. On arrival at Carnforth where a stop was made to visit the excellent bookshop ,the weather had turned very cool and very windy heralding the approach of the next weather system from the Atlantic. After a warming cuppa at Leighton Moss I was in position close to the current roosting area near to Crag Foot at the southern end of Leighton Moss.
The starlings duly arrived slightly earlier than on previous visits owing to the approach of the stormy weather. The weather was not good with very strong and cold winds and the light was consequently very poor. Along with a few other gathered birdwatchers I stayed whilst the show was over and the starlings did indeed give quite a good display as they gathered and displayed close to the farm and cottages at Crag Foot. All in all not a bad afternoon and I was pleased with the results on the camera some of which are shown above. I am hoping to return again with possibly more favourable conditions before the winter roost finally ends.


  1. The look like a frenzy of bees disturbed from their hive! :)

  2. Hi Brian,you`ve certainly got the starling bug. Some excellent shots of the massed ranks.Shame I can`t enjoy them with you at the moment,let`s hope they hang about for a few more weeks and I`ll accompany you on a visit!!!!