Friday, 18 February 2011


An odd title you must agree for my latest post !! This in fact is the identification of a colour ringed waxwing which I was fortunate to photograph in Ribbleton and Fulwood, Preston last weekend.I contacted Pete Marsh at Heysham Nature Reserve and Pete kindly passed on my photograph and information to The Grampian Ringing Group in Scotland.
I have been contacted by Raymond from the Ringing Group to thank me for the image and information. Apparently waxwing GGYr is one of 480 waxwings colour ringed in and around Aberdeen between late October and late November 2010 on their arrival from Scandanavia.The bird is a very handsome 4 year old male and was ringed in Claremont Gardens, Nellfield, Aberdeen.
This Winter has seen a big invasion from Scandanavia of these beautiful birds and I am pleased that I have been able to contribute information to the Grampian Ringing Group to help them in their work of tracking the movement of waxwings through the British Isles this winter. Their blog at is well worth a visit and is full of lots of interesting information.
Finally above you will see some images of this particular waxwing and hopefully I may see one or two more before they all return to The Far North to breed in the wilds of Scandanavia.


  1. Very gorgeous! We don't get this type here in Texas. SO colorful!

  2. Great images, I spent some time going through your entire blog, awsome.

  3. Beautiful images of a nice bird. Very good.

  4. Hello all,

    This Winter has seen a big invasion from Scandanavia of these beautiful birds. Really Great images! This site looks so colourful. Thanks a lot.....

    Wildlife Photography