Saturday, 18 April 2009

Drive By Shooting

Returned to the Bowland Moors again yesterday as the P.M. weather promised more sun than my previous visit. So it turned out but there was still a very strong and cool easterly wind hammering across the tops. It meant I was shooting again mainly from within the car but this is an excellent way to approach closely as most birds are accustomed to the sight and sound of traffic. I drove over Bowland Knotts just into Yorkshire then back into Lancashire again via the spectacular descent from the Cross of Greet. This latter section of road traverses  moorland and then follows the infant River Hodder down a twisty narrow mountain road. The whole area is great for moorland birds but I particularly like the Cross of Greet area as there is more exposure of rock and consequently more variety in the bird life.
It was a super afternoon and I managed some decent shots of Wheatear, recently arrived, and more shots of Red Grouse , both birds looking their best in the bright sunshine. I finished the day with a drive back on "Quiet Lanes" via Easington and Cow Ark to Longridge and home. This last area provided me with nice shots of Lapwing and a stunning male pheasant showing off his wonderful colours in the evening sun.


  1. Superb images Brian - sounds a great place too.

  2. I have been trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to get Wheatear shots and then you go and post something like that. stunning.
    guess I will have to spend more time in the mountains...
    snowshoes on, and here I go...

    Happy birding