Friday, 17 April 2009

Grouse Shooting. Bowland.

Yesterday P.M. decided on a look at the Bowland Moors up above Slaidburn in Lancs. The forecast sunny weather didn't make it and the afternoon was hazy with a very strong easterly wind blowing in from Yorkshire. I stayed in the car and the images above were all taken using the car as a mobile hide. I was able to stop frequently on the almost traffic free roads when I spotted any grouse that were within range of the camera. I spent an hour or so cruising the Bowland Knotts area where good numbers of Red Grouse were showing from time to time. I  was able to approach within 40yds or so of the birds which are now on territory and not moving far away from their chosen patch of moorland. It was an enjoyable experience and I only wish it was as easy to obtain images of the Black Grouse which is one of my objectives, in fact I have never even seen one. Maybe in the next few weeks the opportunity may arise to visit an area where it may be possible to see these reclusive and endangered birds. I understand that numbers are on the increase in the Northern Pennines so I may get lucky!!

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  1. Hello friends,

    Grouses look like as hens. Their legs are feathered to the toes and in winter the toes too have feathers or small scales on the sides, an adaptation for walking on snow and burrowing into it for shelter. These birds feed mainly on vegetation buds, catkins and leaves. Thanks for sharing it!

    Wildlife Photographer