Sunday, 4 October 2015

Pinks..Kingfisher and a Stoat

Last week I made three visits to the Wildfowl and Wetlands reserve at Martin Mere.The main reason for my visits was the arrival of many thousands of pink footed geese from their breeding grounds in Iceland.The weather last week was wonderful with warm days and very light winds.This produced ideal flying conditions for the geese and many thousands arrived each day.It was indeed a splendid spectacle to witness and to hear the sound of the geese as they joined the large flocks already present. I tried to capture the spectacle as they arrived at Martin Mere and my efforts are shown above.Nothing however could be better than being there and I think many more are yet to arrive. The weather this week may not be as good as last week's warm and settled conditions but if you have the opportunity I recommend a visit to Martin Mere.

A bonus whilst at Martin Mere was a sighting of one of the resident kingfishers.I was quite pleased with the flight shot shown above.My best encounter however was with a stoat which posed briefly to have it's picture taken in front of the Ron Barker Hide.I have seen stoat here before but they have always been much to quick for the camera.Thanks for looking in and I hope to be back soon with more from my travels.


  1. great images Brian, hoping to get there soon myself

  2. Impressive numbers of geese,but the stoat has it for me Brian.