Tuesday, 29 September 2015

More from Rossall Point

As promised in my last posting I am now adding a few more images of the waders at Rossall Point.These were taken as the high tide was falling and uncovering the sandy beach area.This allowed the sanderling and dunlin to wake up and commence feeding.Not all the birds fed and many continued their siesta in the afternoon sun.

Sanderling are always a delight to watch as they scurry along the beach chasing the waves and looking for food.A group of oystercatchers flew in from the nearby golf course where they had been roosting.It was a lovely scene and I was able to get down on the beach close to where the birds were feeding. I was pleased with the results and some of my better efforts are shown above.My next posting will probably feature the pink footed geese which have been arriving in their thousands this week from their breeding grounds in Iceland.Thanks for looking in and enjoy the current wonderful weather.

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  1. Excellent set as ever Brian. The three Oystercatchers coming in to land with the Ringed Plover under them is my favourite.