Monday, 21 September 2015

Rossall Point...Waders and Wheatears

Last week I made three visits to one of my favourite locations.Rossall Point  is a great place for birdwatching and photography.Last week was settled with some warm weather and reasonable tides.The waders at Rossall have their favored spots for roosting on the beach in and amongst the sandy shingle and pebbles. They are very well camouflaged when roosting and most passers by on the promenade don't even know of their presence.It is a superb spot for photographers as the birds come very close to the promenade and can be very active when probing in the sand and shingle close to the cameras.

The beach groynes are also very good for photography as you can crouch behind them and get even closer to feeding and roosting waders without disturbing them.My first posting concentrates on these close up shots and I have shown a selection of my better images from the week.These show sanderling,the most numerous of the waders,dunlin and ringed plover.I noted that many of the ringed plover were juveniles which points to a successful breeding season.Also on my visits there were some wheatears present and again these gave some very nice opportunities for the camera.One individual in particular was a superbly coloured juvenile and is shown above.My next posting will show flight shots of the waders and also images of the feeding waders on the sandy shore as the tide was falling.Thanks for looking in and stay tuned for more from Rossall Point.


  1. Excellent images of your close up work Brian, the Sanderlings are a particular treat at Rossall Point.

  2. Ah Brian,see that your back at one of your favourite places,watching your favourite waders again.
    Cracking shot of the Wheatear,probably one of the most photogenic birds there is!!
    Looking forward to more of your wader shots,which I'm sure there will be many!!!!!