Friday, 27 March 2015

Seeing Double

This week it has seemed more like Spring.There has been warm sunshine but it has been tempered by a nagging cold wind.It is the time of the year when my thoughts turn to photographing great crested grebes. I have probably over the years taken more images of great crested grebes than any other birds.It is now when they perform their elaborate courting and mating rituals.I therefore visited a local nature reserve where the grebes at times perform nicely for the camera.I believe that earlier in the month the pair of resident grebes had been performing the weed dance on a regular basis.However on my two visits this week there was not a lot of action from the pair.

It was still however delightful to observe the grebes and other birds present and to enjoy the fine weather.My second visit was enjoyed with warmer conditions and the nagging wind had subsided.These conditions provided some great opportunities for reflection shots of the grebes and a mallard which with his emerald green head looked stunning in the afternoon light.I was also pleased with shots of the grebes preening with outstretched wings reminiscent of cormorants drying their wings.Hope you enjoy my selection of images from my visits and I will be back soon to capture more images of these delightful birds. Thanks for looking in.


  1. Excellent selection of reflection and Great-crested Grebe images Brian.

    Mere Sands?

  2. You certainly do love your Grebes Brian!No doubt you will catch them with beaks full of weed during their courting display!!

  3. Another great session with the lens Brian,I`m sure you will be back for more.